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The single action trigger pull, however, is a breath of fresh air.In DA, it starts out a tad mushy but then stages and firms up, allowing you to very easily take up the slack to press through the last bit and drop the hammer.I’ve shot and handled a lot of different handguns and I can say without doubt that after setting the grip panels the way I liked, this pistol fit my hand better than anything else I’ve ever held.

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The slide (which, by the way, is machined from one solid billet of steel) and any important metal parts wear H&Ks proprietary “Hostile Environment” finish.

The pistol comes not only with three interchangeable backstraps (in small, medium, and large), but also with interchangeable side panels.

The backstrap, which is kept in place with a small roll pin, keeps pressure on two removable side panels, one on each side of the gun.

They slide into place allowing a shooter not only to change how the back of the pistol fits the hand, but also the sides.

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What’s even better is that the side panels can be set up asymmetrically.This allowed me to put a large, somewhat bulkier panel on the right side of the grip to fit the concave shape of my particular palm profile and a flat panel on the other side to get maximum grip with my very high thumbs-up shooting style.