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Hurry, hurry next Christmas time Relieving me from my mental morass Again I will sit on his lap all red And ask him 'could I please have you for Christmas?' Happy Xmas or a bar humbug to you all and a happy new year lots of kisses to all xx All though i am over 55 i sometimes feel that i am still learning a lot from gentlman that i meet through aw like yesterday afternoon a very lovely guy turned up and he wanted the dominant girlfriend which is a roll i am really starting to enjoy, but this guy he wanted the slapping of the face, deep kissing very deep frenchkisses as well , and being basically told what to do sexually, He also had a smoking fetish him smoking not me as i do not smoke but i had to tell him when he could smoke , during our time together i took him with my strap on very deep and hard slow pushes.This page also shows you photos, picture galleries, views and videos of Formentera.Below we give you a brief tourist information overview or you can read our detailed Formentera tourism page.From your computer you can find Internet sites that are streaming the live pictures of Formentera so you can see the best sights as well as the current Formentera weather conditions.Sometimes you will see webcams also referred to as web cams or cams.Repeat the French kiss yet another time if you both liked it.This time you can push your tongue deeper into your partner’s mouth.

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Don’t be forceful Your partner will also react in the same way.

But the first time I ever did a happy smile ending was about a month before I left and A gentleman asked me if I would make him smile at the end which I thought why not as I was feeling very horny so after showing him my massaging skills I oiled his cock up and wanked him off very slowly till he well you can guess the rest and boy what a buzz I got as it was naughty to be such a bad masseuse I still get the same buzz when I do it now.