Archeology radiocarbon dating

20-Sep-2018 18:47

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Although this is not a pre-city it is the earliest settlement so far known.

Grains were found suggesting the earliest attempt at plant harvesting the forerunner to agriculture.

It is emerging as perhaps the best preserved Upper Paleolithic dwelling site found anywhere in the world.

( calibrated date is 21,500 BC and the site is similar to the Kebaran culture predating the Natufians.

It has been dated back 7040 BC at its earliest stage of development.

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It would be later during the Neolithic that more communities/tribes turned to farming in the Zagros."This site, currently undergoing excavation by German and Turkish archaeologists, was erected by hunter-gatherers at perhaps 11,500 B. (This is believed to be before the advent of sedentariness).Extremely remarkable as it would be about another nine thousand years before the Natufian culture started farming.