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When Oswald caught Mickey's heart, ultimately Oswald would choose to give Mickey his heart back for though he wanted to be remembered, he knew the heart rightfully belongs to Mickey.Afterwards, Mickey sees Oswald in the mirror again, but this time as brothers.Pluto is Mickey's pet, and, alongside Donald and Goofy, his absolute best friend.

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Mickey's bond with Donald is perhaps the strongest out of all the characters he's interacted with, alongside Pluto, seeing Donald as his younger brother.Yen Sid was Mickey's magic teacher in the The Sorcerer's Apprentice short of Fantasia where Mickey used Yen Sid's magic hat to make his job easier only to cause massive chaos.And ever since then, their relationship has been defined by Yen Sid having to be very strict with Mickey in order to keep him from causing trouble.Mickey's interactions with Von Drake seem to be friendliest among his interactions with Donald's relatives except for the times Von Drake's inventions, intellect or over confidence cause Mickey some problems.

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Like the majority of Donald's relatives, Scrooge and Mickey have not interacted very often.

But despite this Yen Sid and Mickey do not hate each other and are able to communicate amicably Mickey met Butch he was Mr.