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She plunges in and out of the huge swell like a marine-loving racehorse, shaking off sparkling water as it runs off her teak decks, thrusting her bow deep into the ancient sea.A friendly passenger mentions memories of galleons lost in time.

The adverse currents make these waves steeper, which can be seriously dangerous for yachts smaller than 10 metre.’ The Star Clipper measures a bit less than 110 metres and weighs 2,298 tonnes.

In this day and age of stabilisers and state-of-the-art navigation software, when really bad weather strikes, even the mega-ships may have to alter course, stopping at ports not included in the official itinerary.

In his ‘Sailing Issues’ website, Diederek Willemsen describes the blows undisturbed over 100 miles.

Our little band of sailing stalwarts chats amiably in the library or gathers around the bar under cover at cocktail hour.

Wandering the corridors is ill advised while the ship bounces from wave to wave, the bucking bronco marine-loving seahorse is enjoying the wild ride.There I nurse gins and tonic, peruse navigation charts laid out on one of two round tables and study framed maps of the Aegean Sea lining the wood panelled walls, wondering if that large island we passed hours before was Andros or Tinos.