Believers and unbelievers dating

29-Aug-2017 21:15

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Throughout the history of the church, many scholars have contributed to our understanding and appreciation of the Bible, the Christian faith, and church history.We are grateful to the Lord for the labors and insights of such faithful stewards of the truth.

Furthermore, it is reasonable to expect them to respond when errors or imbalance are brought to their attention.While encouraged by these indications, we earnestly desire that those whose names remain as endorsers of the open letter will be persuaded by conscience to weigh the allegations in the open letter in light of our responses and CRI’s in-depth reassessment.It is important that the Christian public be informed concerning the issues raised in the pages of this volume.We realize that many of the signers of the open letter have not had extensive exposure to the teachings of Witness Lee and the local churches.

However, by attaching their names, their credentials, and the names of their institutions to the open letter, they are using their scholastic prestige to lend a perceived authority to the letter’s contents.

We hope that fair-minded and discerning Christian readers will see that, contrary to the perception the open letter hopes to cultivate, our teaching is well within the boundaries of the common faith.

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