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17-Jul-2018 12:19

She doesn't feel human, and she doesn't feel connected to other humans.

Mira contemplates one of the destroyed robotic geishas, and fellow Section 9 team member Batou has to remind her that she's "not like them." She even considers herself an object and a weapon, reminding her creator that "this is how you made me." Her sense of identity is mired in self-doubt. After going through her journey, discovering her true identity and defeating the bad guy, she is asked who she is, and she replies, "Major." The exact same thing she identified herself as at the beginning of the movie.

The revelation might have worked had the film focused on the obvious dysphoria that a change of ethnicity would cause.

There should be a sense of alienation and loss of self if one saw a stranger in the mirror.

What might have been a breakthrough for a WOC turned out to be just another credit for Johannson.

There could have been a deeper exploration of race and identity, but Mira was much more concerned with her robotic self.

The first thing she says after her brain is transferred is that she can't feel her body, which sets up her conflict at the very beginning.

In , Motoko's parents were caught in a horrific attack, their bodies contaminated with an unspecified contagion.

Motoko, still within her mother's womb, hadn't been exposed to the agent that killed her parents.Motoko was kidnapped and experimented on against her will, and her brain was inserted into a state-of-the-art cyborg body which just so happened to be white.