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The term "cathedral" actually carries no implication as to the size or ornateness of the building.Nevertheless, most cathedrals are particularly impressive edifices.Characteristically a Roman magistrate presided from a raised throne in a large, richly decorated and aisled rectangular hall called a basilica; and now bishops would do the same.The earliest of these new basilican cathedrals of which substantial remains are still visible (and maybe amongst the very earliest to be built) is below the Cathedral of Aquileia on the northern tip of the Adriatic sea.

In this there is a distinction between those church traditions, predominantly those of Eastern Orthodox Christianity but formerly also including Celtic churches in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, whose bishops came to be made in monasteries; and those church traditions whose bishops have tended predominantly to arise through the ranks of cathedral clergy.

Dated from a mosaic inscription between 313 and 319, the complex consisted of two parallel east-west aisled halls of similar size; with a third smaller north-south cross-hall connecting them, which has been interpreted as the presence hall of the episcopium or bishop's residence.

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