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26-Jun-2018 02:37

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It’s not that our teens were not interested in dates beyond a friendship, but we had talked through the few pros and the many cons of exclusive dating enough that they felt changing the relationship from friendship to romance might ruin the friendship.

As the horde of rush-hour cars streamed by, Bill reminisced about the teenage daughter he had just picked up from band practice.Whom they should date As a starting point, we believe our teens should develop friendships with and eventually date only other Christians (2 Corinthians -16).Why go out with someone who does not have your values?Inner character can’t be seen at first sight, across a crowded room, when you say your first hello.

Teens need to be taught that the ultimate purpose of dating or courting is to find someone to marry.

He smiled as he thought about all those after-school trips over the last few years: dance classes, piano practices, the unending cycle of softball games and tournaments.

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