Consolidating database microsoft security essentials trouble updating

07-Jan-2018 06:55

We have strike a balance between scalability and response time to get good performance of the application.

Capacity planning is an exercise of figuring out the required hardware to handle expected load in production.

By profiling application it is easy to figure out the inefficiencies and fix them.

These issues can be fixed by An application is said to be IO bound if application throughput is limited by its IO or network operations and increasing CPU speed does not bring down application response times.

Usually it involves figuring out performance of application with fewer boxes and based on performance per box projecting it. Application architecture is scalable if each layer in multi layered architecture is scalable (scale out).

application might have acceptable response times but can not handle more than certain number of requests or application is handle increasing number of requests but has poor or long response times.I appreciate you taking the time to document some definitions as this will be useful for me to bring up when considering architectural discussions.To fully understand the benefits of computer hardware in the year 2020, we must begin by seeing how the constant changes in CPU, RAM, and disk technology have effected database management over the past six decades.The economics of server technology has changed radically over the past 60 years. s Law cannot be boiled down into a one-size-fits-all statement to the effect that everything always gets faster and cheaper.

In the 1960s, IBM dominated the server market with giant mainframe servers that cost millions of dollars. Prices are always falling, but there are important exceptions to Moore? means, and they missed out on the fun of dropping their card deck on the floor and having to use the giant collating machines to re-sequence their deck.

Load balancers can be scaled out by point DNS to multiple IP addresses and using DNS Round Robin for IP address lookup.

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