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08-Jul-2018 23:39

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To claim otherwise–to say that I have different motives–will only make you look like a fool. (Which leads me to my absolute funniest and most telling discovery yet.) And an FYI, when you Google the terms “Site Build It Scam” or “Site Build It Review”, you find loads and loads of glowing reviews.

) will help anyone, even a person with no technical knowledge, build a thriving, income-generating, “life-changing” website if you follow their step-by-step instructional Action Guide. ), as well as a detailed evaluation of customer results from the data provided on the Site Sell marketing pages, and data gathered on the Site Sell Facebook page in order to cut through all of the sales hype, the misleading marketing claims, and the hundreds of “positive review” websites that have been set up by sales affiliates. I know this is a deviation from the usual topics around here, but this is a topic that I feel is very important. So if your name is Ken Evoy, or you are an affiliate who wants to try to put me into this category, I urge you to first stop, take a few deep breaths to clear your head, and take a look around.

I read through all of the marketing pages, with the impressive sounding numbers about Alexa ranks.

And even though at the time I had no clue how to decipher those ranks, all of the stuff about Site Sell websites being in the top 1% of all websites in the world sounded seriously impressive to me.

This tool searches for key words (terms that people use to search in Google and other search engines) in your niche that have lots of people searching for them, but few websites providing that information. So I decided that wasn’t the vision I had for my site, and those pages filled with key words would always wind up in the trash can.

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Then the idea is that you provide the information they’re looking for by writing articles that are specifically geared towards these specific key words, and voila! I simply have never written for key words (i.e., for search engines like Google).

I started out as a blogger in 2007 with a free blog set up on Blogger.

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