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01-Jun-2018 07:27

The class will read existing scripts, view film and television selections, and write and workshop…

You’ve been talking about your sitcom idea forever already. Learn what the market is looking for (seriously, what are they looking for?

Learn how to create winning premises, essays and one-liners, but also find your unique comedy voice and learn to trust it…

Writers will learn how to write a successful comedic story, hone their prose to a fine edge, and apply The Onion’s style of comedy creation to cultivate their own voice and style.

Come on back and get your sketch comedy even sketchier!

Teens will build on tools learned in Teen Sketch 1, further developing their comedic point of view along with learning and writing sketch comedy styles like “Fish out of Water” and “Parody.” It’s tons of fun with no grades! Learn the art of stand-up comedy with The Second City Training Center featuring hands-on lessons in storytelling, character building, observational humor, one-liners and more.

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In Online Sketch Writing 1 students receive individual instruction through online correspondence, exploring the fundamentals of character development and theatrical scene structure.You’ve learned the concepts of ‘Insane in a Sane World’ and ‘Sane in a an Insane World.’ Have you had the opportunity to write BOTH types? Not to be confused with our satire offerings, these kinds of… In this class, we take early drafts of your sketch, learn to hone on the premise, find the best context for it, and edit out everything unnecessary so your sketch is tight, efficient, and ready to perform. In Online Intro to Comedic Songwriting you will learn to turn a strong point of view into a great comedic song.

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In the snapshot, you will also see the username of the model, their age, how many people are already watching and more.… continue reading »

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The production is set to feature a number of her biggest hits, and kicks off at the Aldwych Theatre in March 2018.… continue reading »

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