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If you need to search out the original formulation..enjoy."new" one is just fine!! However, current formula is much weaker than before.Recently, I've bought one in Sephora in Paris and must say that malheureusement it is just more synthetic and watered down (((( Very nice frag, but terrible projection and longevity.Even though recent formulation has its differences I will always love Fahrenheit, its DNA and its impact. Compliments: 3/5 (Co-workers told me i gave them a trip down memory lane with this one). When I first smelled Fahrenheit I was so impressed and I told myself that I would wait a little bit to get older and then I will buy one. In the cold I'm getting less gasoline and citrus and more nutmeg, leather, florals and woods. You will never detect this fragrance on someone who wants to disappear in the crowd and who is the kind of character that is on a mission to please others. Fahrenheit is the fragrance equivalent of the Manhattan Project's Trinity detonation.Batch from 2016 still lasts about 6-8 hours with great projection for 2-3 hours, then it dies down fast, yet on clothes I can detect it the next day. Creativity: 5/5 (80's power house mix with gasoline). First associations: manliness, class, authority, confidence, success. Fahrenheit is the sexiest bare knuckle brawler of all fragrances.leather is not a dominant accord in the old version. This fragrance can invoke past childhood memories like no other. Reviewers often discuss this aspect of Fahrenheit (FUEL) but the drydown is just as good, and absolutely amazing also... With this fragrance I also don't care at all what other people's opinions are about it. It's screams confidence and, like I already mentioned: masculinity.

if you can get your hands on the old version, go for it, it is really worth knowing the differences. No screechy soap that characterizes most modern colognes. Well, with Dior Fahrenheit -- the three (3) most important things are "Vintage, Vintage and Vintage". The projection is not beastly but the sillage is exceptionally good. On my skin it it becomes a skin scent with little to no projection in about 2.5 hrs. Thereafter I get a little bit better base, but not enough for me. Everyone on the train and at work knows this scent. "I wore this in high school, man the amount [email protected]#$ i got because of this". And it's 30 something degrees outside, in NYC right. Gasoline, nutmeg and leather...what i mainly get from this frag. Somehow, I liked it back then, but I would never wear it today. I can smell the wearer of this one from a long distance off. The bad thing is that if I can't escape, I now find it nauseating and it is so long lasting there is no hope of it calming down. ;-) I used work at a fuel depot on the San Francisco Bay, filling up commercial boats, and this smell of violet and gasoline and leather takes me back there in my youth. It's the only scent I have that feels salty and masculine, with gasoline, and oil, baked into leather. Whatever was happening in designer fragrances in 1988--idk I was 15, i thought my deodorant smelled ok and was fine with that--i'm thankful. If a mass marketing design house can be this bold and creative, then there's hope for corporations in general.performance sucks on me so does the projection got new bottle 2017 got to overspray, 8sprays to try to make it last longer its not the beast it used to be it is way softer dont get the gas smell anymore and on me the dry down smells just like grey flannel, does anyone else get that on the dry down? Comparing to 20 batches it is true, there is a change in performance and a slight change in scent.Bottle from 2010 is intense and absolutely great performer, 2013 batch feels softer in scent and performance, but not far behind if not the same, maybe aging plays its role.No matter what batch you have, enjoy, there is nothing like Fahrenheit. Its not that soft and handsome sexy guy, its like a sexy guy who however is ready to take a fight whenever it needs to be.

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Worth to mention, do not believe in those fairytales, hype comments from 2016 in "return of vintage scent and performance". The current version smells very good and lasts at least 8 hours. This is still one of the best, if not the best designer ever, even in it's current version. Motorbikes, leather jackets, radox shower gel and a packet of Parma violets. I'm a woman, and I wear this stuff, because it just smells GOOD. What's its availability; in production, limited edition or discontinued? SKU Number: 3348900791312 (Tester) Batch Number: 4Z01 (Production Date: December 01, 2014) Age: 18 From: Hookup Size: 100 ML Scent: 3.25/5 (Okay scent, but it's very manly). Its gonna be tough for any other fragrance to remove this one from the top seed on my list.

i still have a bottle inherited from my brother from 1989, which smells heavenly, soft, cashmerey, masculine. It's totally unique, totally masculine and will never go out of fashion, at least not for me.