Dating vintage zippo lighters

25-Jan-2018 21:35

Crazy rarities that could push your collection to museum status.There is one question that remains, however: Couldn’t any company make limited versions of their products, funky mistakes, and rarely seen oddities to gain a following of collectors?While the marks have changed over time, the system makes dating a Zippo very easy.Think you found one from the mid-1900s at the flea market? With the date code in place, collecting old Zippos is as easy as collecting old coins.When you have a product perfect for collecting—many iterations, a reasonable price tag (minus that 18K gold number), a long history—and you factor in a certain je nais se quois, you have something that will spur the creation of collectors clubs (there are many), fan pages, and rabid collectors all hunting for Black Crackles, old date markings, and a two-wheeled Zippo that somehow slipped out of a factory in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

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About 30% of Zippo’s sales are to collectors, according to Patrick Grandy, the company’s Corporate Media and Communications Manager.

With Black Crackle in mind, Zippo would go on to do other extremely limited editions of their standard pocket lighter, each helping cement a loyal following of collectors.

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