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In a Medieval theological manual, a man is given permission to “castigate his wife and beat her for correction…”.4The Christian church vacillates between support of wife beating and encouraging husbands to be more compassionate and using moderation in their punishments of their wives.

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4In England, “the Golden Age of the Rod” is used against women and children who are taught that it is their sacred duty to obey the man of the house.

Lord Hale burned women at the stake as witches and has been characterized as a misogynist.

3Early settlers in America base their laws on old English common-law that explicitly permits wife-beating for correctional purposes.

The reviewing appellate court later upheld the acquittal on the grounds that the court should “not interfere with family government in trifling cases.” 4The Treaty of 1868 is negotiated between General Sherman and the Navajos.

General Sherman insists that the Navajos select male leaders, thereby stripping women of their ability to participate in decision making.

He states that when women married, they “gave themselves to their husbands” in contract, and could not withdraw that consent until they divorced.