Gabriel aubry dating anyone

20-Apr-2018 01:51

By some accounts, Halle was a shrew and a harpie, always nagging Gabriel and calling him a loser.

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Neither Berry's nor Aubry's attorney has responded yet to E! The exes have more or less shared custody of Nahla since their split in 2010, trudging through some pretty ugly days in court a couple years back to get to the joint arrangement they have today.

A lot of mothers don't want just anyone touching their kids' hair.

And when it comes to Halle Berry, that includes her kid's father.

that's what made it so much fun, too." notes that Theron was seen with Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry's ex, in May, though the pair have never been linked officially.

I really hope to meet somebody out of this f**king business," she said.

In the immediate aftermath of Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry’s breakup, sh-t got dirty and heated really fast.