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Untuk maklumkan, Datuk Rayyan JK Abdullah telah memeluk Islam pada awal bulan Februari dulu.Majlis pernikahan mereka berdua akan berlangsung 12 Mei ini.Sometimes it derives additional humor from the recipient taking it as a genuine compliment, either because they're dumb or because we the audience know something they do not.The stock piece of dialogue that fits this trope goes something like: Contrast Mathematician's Answer, which is equally meaningless because it's too broad, and Suspiciously Specific Denial, where the specificity is worrisome because of everything it doesn't cover.I plant spring bulbs in them in the fall for a pretty flower display in the early spring.Also, when I entertain I like to dress up the area with blue and white porcelain vases.Film ads that week will try to claim their picture was "the #1 film in America!

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I know this is the most time consuming part of container gardening.

This trope covers situations where something seems to be highly praised, and it's relative to an extremely small — or intrinsically awful — group (often a group of one), rendering the praise meaningless.

Sometimes the intent is for the praise to be taken seriously (in which case it becomes a version of the Sharpshooter Fallacy), but the more frequent implication is that there isn't any larger category relative to which it can apply, making it a Stealth Insult (if the backhandedness of the compliment is not immediately obvious) or a form of Damned by Faint Praise (if it is).

Middle palnter: Blue Plumbago auriculata, Petunia ‘Ramblin White’ Sedum ‘Angelina’.

Small planter: Angelonia [email protected] White, Blue lobelia, Fan Flower [email protected], Lobelia ‘Techno Heat Blue’.

Over the years, I’ve had some container successes (I was a 2011 & 2012 Fine Gardening Container Design Finalist) and some not so great, like being a bit too ambitious and planting over 75 containers one year in which I had to succumb to watering daily for months during a drought (what was I thinking! This year, I decided to keep my container count to about 50…still quite a few but alot more manageable.