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18-Sep-2018 16:53

If you are concerned like I was that being on there is “sad” or not something to admit in public then I would challenge you do try it out. Again, the app is only as good as what you put into it. Like POF tinder a simpler app designed to “match” people based on their personalities and likes/dislikes.

Tinder asks you to complete a survey and provide as much information about you as possible so that it can create a list of possible matches for you and ask you to “like” or “not quite right” profiles that it presents to you.

Like the others it is location based so if you are anywhere near another user then you’ll show up and who knows what could happen.

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It could be to remove the ridiculous about of adverts that are on the free version.

Far be it for me to quote trade descriptions at them as I oversell myself but seriously?