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"It's a no-win situation." Not long after, the pair live out Shea's words when their budding romance comes to a screeching halt.After acting on building sexual tension, Shea, a trans woman, discloses to Josh (Jay Duplass), a cisgender man, that she's HIV-positive.

Surprisingly, we weren’t discussing coming out as gay or lesbian, but rather what it means to finally accede to the idea that one has desire and love for both sexes. Its simplicity is illuminated when we merely accept who and how people love without attempting to understand the whys, because (as with many things in life) the whys might be none of our business.When I asked a group of women if they would date a man who openly identified as bisexual, most of them quickly said no, even though many agreed it is unfair that bisexuality among women is so openly accepted (and even praised in some very superficial ways).“It seems that people feel bisexual me can’t be trusted, like we’re disingenuous or scheming.A two-episode arc turned into a larger presence for season two as she helped Maura Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor) navigate her new identity as a 70-something trans woman.

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(Shea memorably coached her on how to say "yas queen.") But it's season three when Shea, like the rest of the Pfeffermans, truly comes out of her shell.

Bi women can, indeed, partner lovingly and faithfully with either of the sexes they are attracted to, and their sexuality should not be valued only through the male gaze and the option for men to get their threesome fantasies poppin’.