Intentional dating

01-Aug-2018 19:21

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We were created to long for a relationship with God.

No romantic relationship – not even a good marriage – can satisfy every one of our needs.

It is no surprise then that accommodation and acquiescence are often hallmarks of the first month of a marriage-seeking relation-ship.Picture the awkward scene of a man and woman riding in the car batting back and forth the classic passive date line, “I don’t know, where would you like to eat?” Avoidance of any hint of disagreement in a relationship context can border on the absurd.Advising two marriage seekers to seek a sparring match almost sounds ridiculous, but that’s exactly what we are doing here.

First of all, our number one intention in dating (as in everything else) should be to please God.Life brings tension and strong marriages must handle the pres-sure successfully!