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03-May-2018 05:44

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However, the photos show a man who can’t be much older than his early to mid-30s.Melanie informed Phoebe that things didn’t look good, and went ahead and tried to verify the identity of Peter by running a thorough background check.Look for a lack of family members posting on the user’s profile, few or no past posts about common life events, and multiple profiles using the same photos.If you think you have encountered someone who's scammed (or attempted to scam) you, contact US Army Criminal Investigation Command to report it.They rapidly repay the money they requested to their victim, establishing a trust that can be exploited to gain much larger sums down the road. ask for thousands of dollars to help with a funeral, or pay off debts”, Melanie says.Even victims without plenty of cash to send aren’t safe.

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He even thanked Phoebe for bringing it to his attention.By preying on patriotism, love, and generosity, scammers can extract thousands of dollars from their victims - victims they even have the audacity to call “clients.” Fortunately, the signs are easy to spot.And, of course, be aware of common signs that a social media profile is fake.The emotional hold created by these relationships is often so strong that victims will end up approaching friends and relatives for cash in an attempt to scrape together the money that their ‘lover’ is requesting. Well, at first Melanie decided to leave it be - after all, she’d provided all the information that she could, and it seemed like she’d run out of options. “I decided to see if I can find the original “Peter,” the soldier whose photos they had stolen to create these profiles.” A few searches and a quick background check later, she had the Facebook profile of the original Peter, the man who’s identity had been stolen over and over.

“The scammer will keep hitting up their client over and over again until they get wise, or can no longer pay. After that, it was a simple matter of emailing him with links to the duplicate profiles.“It was a bit difficult - after all, he didn’t know who I was,” Melanie said.

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