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08-Sep-2018 12:43

That night a tree came crashing down on Mona’s house. We said yesterday that that one has in God and His Word.

My hope is established in Your promises and I operate in faith. There was no storm, no wind, and no clear reason why this happened. Because there is obviously something on Ray-Ray that is following him everywhere he goes.

However, once you have a positive Word to hold on to and to set your faith (corresponding action) in, you can act in faith.

We now better understand what Paul said in our focus text when he declared that faith comes by hearing, or receiving, the Word of God.

You can hope to be successful in life, hope to be healed of a sickness, hope to be promoted, and etc.; but this is no more than wishful thinking. So when we substantiate our hope with the Word of God we can have confidence that He will bring it to pass.

When we have faith in people it is tied to their character and their track record.What if you read that a high percentage of people your age, sex, and ethnic background die at 60 yrs. Never mind that the cause of death had nothing to do with the previous materials you read. The point is that the enemy is moved by fear like God is moved by faith.

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