Is seo in young and crown j dating

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The first single from the album was "I Want You" ("너를 원해"), which was written, composed, and produced by Jung Yeon-joon of Uptown.

The song, which has a mix of Latin and R&B styles, was promoted as a dance remix near the end of her promotional activities. The couple later released a digital single titled Too Much, which was eventually used as the theme song for the show.

Elle décide de quitter We Got Married avec Crown J en janvier 2009 pour partir en 2 mois en vacances aux États-Unis, elle révéleras plus tard qu'elle commençais à faire une dépression d'où son départ.

Elle retourne en Corée après ce break et tourne une pub pour Maybelline pour un gloss en même temps elle devient égérie exclusive de Baby Phat (elle devient aussi actionnaire de la boutique en Corée).

She was a member of girl group Jewelry and featured on the reality show We Got Married with Crown J.

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They both have appeared for the filming for SBS Family Outing from 30th November till 1st December as guest appearances.On the December 1st episode of JTBC’s ‘Life’s Menu, I’ll Eat Well’, Seo In Young revealed about her onscreen romance with her ‘With You’ partner, rapper Crown J.She picked a meal introduced to her by Crown J that made her heart flutter, explaining, “Before our remarriage onscreen, Crown J said he went to his friend’s restaurant and thought of me, so he took me there.” Seo In Young added, “I still don’t know why we’re not going on date. That’s why the ambiance was somewhat strange while we ate there.En 2007, elle commence sa carrière solo avec un 1er album Elly is So HOT, puis gagne en notoriété en 2008 en se faisant passer pour un faux couple avec le rappeur Crown J avec qui elle sort un single digital Too Much.

La même année, elle devient l'égérie de Maybelline New-York en Corée et est nommé icône du style par Cosmopolitan pour lequel elle pose avec 10 maillots de bain différents.

The music video of the lead single, Cinderella, was composed by PSY. On June 6, 2010, her third album, Lov-Elly, was released.

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