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08-Mar-2018 08:53

I think John Stamos was the guy who stayed with her the longest and that was just a few months. Anyway, she now has some old, rich German guy she wants everyone to know is her boyfriend.

The Rob Morrow thing seemed to only last a few dates. We are talking about a couple here that have been on and off, but were always on back in the day(see above) when Rob did not have anyone in his life.

Peanut Butter Loves Chocolate, and Chocolate Loves Peanut Butter, and that’s just a FACT.

That’s why Reese’s Pieces exist and Chubby Hubby, and all the pies at Friendly’s. Remember not to put a peanut butter knife in the sink!

There was this really terrible summer this one time where by August I was surviving on peanut butter with orange cheese crackers, string cheese and ramen noodles.

Apples are healthy, which means apples with peanut butter are a health food.

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020806 ATLANTA, GA: Celery w/peanut butter & raisins (ants on a logs) for school lunch.