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waiting for you new project onnie neverthless iwanting that your proget was a long drama im gona satisfay whit this short drama relating an amazing story line that have never producing in korea stay strong onni and take care of your self im really so desappointement that you gona act only a special drama that contain only 1 epn iwas really so exiting about your next projet to be along drama (16 or 20 ep) Bbut im gonna still waiting for your next project besid this special drama She is such a great actress. I swear she could be twins with 4minute's Jihyun though. I'm looking foward to seeing them in new drama as main role, main couple. I have searched drama, movie, web drama and music video of her to see her. I believe she choice to not attend as well as many actors did I think it's not a problem since she got the "new rookie award" on 2013. They look sooo much alike that they could get away with passing as each other. Kim So Eun has a new drama except for Our Gab Soon it is Pounding Spike 2 it's really nice drama it is started today. anyway, she now looking for new agency, I'm sure we well hear good news soon (she's a good on acting after all). It is birthday present or just coincidence..lsh give it then I would be happy..:) Sorry for my bad eng.. Well, I hope she acting in many drama with popular actors.^_^ Sorry for my bad eng...^_^'' WOW, you are the best couple in WGM , not shy, you care for each other, I wish that you are happy in the years after WGM with your husband to be Jea Rim , you have found your soulmate, jump in with both feet and enjoy each other, that man is mad in love with you. Please i am begging you to please say YES when Song Jae Rim oppa asks you to marry him in real life ok? did yall know that she wouldve meet Song Jae Rim earlier than We Got Married in the Inspiring Generation Drama... For who asking about Kimsoeun china movie with aaron yan there is no updates .. Now i know why you and Kim Bum didnt end up together because you are meant to be with the strong embrace of your husband Olla Appa, Jaerim! You two really makes me squezze with joy and laughter every episodes and replays of WGM! I will continue to support all the projects that you two are in! you are the one for me only you, another can not change your place in my mind and my heart. if only she didnt drop out of the drama and wasnt filming Mourning Grave at that time. He reunited with Rival costar Kim Min-jung in Land of Wine (2003), where they played a young couple trying to revive traditional liquor amidst a family feud.He also appeared in the romantic comedy film 100 Days with Mr.Good thing she's still a DJ in KBS Cool FM's "Volume Up"... You were really cute & beautiful in a thousand kisses. But once that's over, what will happen to her now??? SOLO She was in Sad Love Song but not the one with Yoo Seung Hoo. Just watched the liar game and I was startled at your looks. Both your nose and eyes are commpletely different which made so hard to recognize you whom I adore so much :( Hi Kim So Eun! I wish and I hope that you can have a drama with Kim Bum! You look so beautiful, & your acting is very natural in king's doctor drema.

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so no one knows what happened anyway, wait for official news and pray that no one of them has drop it I love her acting since BBF and especially we got married. Maybe someday she'll act with Jaerim~ dear "4 Leaf Clover" kim so eun didn't attend MBC Drama Awards coz she has live radio at the same time ( the radio it's more important since she's the dj as you knew ). i can meet you you my favorite actress in south korea without you, maybe i don't know about korea. possible without you I would be one who would not love korea . You are the reason why I love the country of your birth .