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28-Aug-2017 05:28

Sizer has some insightful commentary on the culture around the West Bend School Board that keeps driving good people, like the former superintendent, away.

She concludes: Let’s vow to look beyond social media gossip as our news source.

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Of course if the chance of winning either game is ridiculous, the chance of winning both is ridiculous on steroids — 1 in 88 quadrillion, or 1 in 88,412,922,115,183,000 to be precise. That’s more than they spent on movies, video games, music, sports tickets and books — combined. The rest of y’all can talk amongst yourselves for a few minutes…Rebholz is the Co-Founder and President of Bay Market Force, LLC.Walker’s analysis looked only at the impact on a typical family of four with two children eligible for an expanded child-care tax credit.Instead of using his bi-monthly column space to educate the readers on the tax plan, he chose to demagogue the issue calling it the “Trump Tax Scam” and to take cheap shots at the Republican Party and its leadership. The second letter is from Therese Sizer, who is a former West Bend School Board Member.

Sizer resigned after the board passed a policy regarding board members and nepotism (as an aside, I thought her resignation was unnecessary under the policy, but she clearly thought differently).

Let us demand that media reports be fair, unbiased and well researched.