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We also have to tell them how to protect themselves. Teens should have access to the services and supplies that allow them to avoid sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

This includes counselling, testing, treatment, pap smears, condoms and contraceptives.

She understands that teens often dont internalise the risks of sex. Marlene* says she got pregnant after her first time. For one thing, many of the girls are having sex with boys in their own age-group.

But the larger cause for concern is that there is no coordinated and consistent nationwide effort to address the realities of adolescent sexuality.

Trinidad and Tobago's society has descended into one of money, sex and power and where the black market for United States currency continues to thrive.

This according to political analyst Derek Ramsamooj who warned that it will only get worse if there is no economic restructuring and societal re-ordering.

“We need as a society to accept, as difficult as it may be, that we have to change our priorities in the new economic realities, the myopic view that this is a temporary situation mut come to an end, there are new global economic realities and we have to make those adjustments,” he said.

“The traditional patterns of power elites correlating their needs with our economic elites have created a societal disaster.

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“The economic reality suggest that we have to prepare for the economic restructuring of our economy and the re-ordering of the expectation of the society,” said Ramsamooj adding that consideration should be given to reducing the country's expenditure to around to billion annually.“There is need to address the institutional corruption of money laundering and of the real estate market washing ill gotten money because there is a sector in our society who makes financial strides through economic hardships,” he said.Ramsamooj said there is speculation that the Trinidad and Tobago dollar to the US dollar must be adjusted downwards.The majority, 78 per cent, agree with education for adolescents on human sexuality while there is even more backing for teaching about condoms and contraceptives (85 per cent), HIV and sexually transmitted infections (87 per cent).

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I think these results are a recognition that our children grow up, said UNAIDS Caribbean Regional Support Team director, Ernest Massiah.This isnt the controversial issue many people assume.