My friends reunited dating

04-Aug-2017 06:59

- and yes, weak storyline, weak dialog script (well, this a "light" drama anyway, so) - 40 episodes (20 in actual form) itself can be consider as joke of century. Unless you a big fan of one of the actors, you gonna need lot of coffee to make you stay awake watching it. looking forward to see more of the stars here on other dramas to come. If anyone takes issue with the talent in this one they are just nuts. The story is gentle and healing, just what I need as an American living thru the nightmare of a President in my country now. at first i tot its boring drama but its okay for me eventho i didnt like the lead female but her acting grow on me.. Shi Un & Jin Joo prefect for the laughter & knowing outstanding performances from Jin Goo, Yeon Hee, Jae Hyun & Chae Yeon we got a Gr8 drama, lol, lol, love the drama, two thumbs up to the writer and director Off: In kdrama world when you find a dying guy the first thing you do is to take a bath in his blood, then shake him well so that he can shed every last drop of his blood... and drink plenty of water while you eating because is so healthy.... I also love the music playing after Ahn Jae Hyun punched that guy in ep 12, and it played again when he and Lee Yeon Hee were talking after she caught the pooh bear from the crane game i think jjw will end up with chef cha...because jin goo isn't real...can disappear anytime...just come back to make everything to its place...everyone happy and clear his name,find the real killer ......i love this movie.....fighting !!! The main leas is so handsome ans the lead girl is so pretty Hae Sung and Jung Won will end up together. They are the main lead so this is not other CITT drama version.

They could just have put the story whereby the main character went into a coma and wake up or came back from a disappearance, and it probably would work out much better. But he came a bit late, 12 years is too much for me x"D if the leads end up together it will look like shes dating a teenager boy. Currently it gaves such emotional feeling, and really unfortunate for Hae Sung family :-( i will look forward to the next episodes!At the culinary school, he hangs out with 5 friends including Jung-Won (Lee Yeon-Hee). On Hae-Sung birthday, Jung-Won prepares a surprise party for him at his house.