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14-Sep-2018 03:59

The first time around, I was answering ALL of them, and, unsurprisingly, my personality labeled me as “More Sex-driven”.True, but not really something I need to have advertised on a dating site, hence the erasing of all the questions and starting from scratch 🙂 Now My personality tab now has none of the “less…” and only has “more…” — Capitalistic, Experienced in Love, Spiritual, Kinky (on purpose I answered yes to a question and added a funny explanation), Mathematical, Spontaneous, Scientific.It gets much, much worse, but suffice it to say this girl isn't the one.That didn't seem to matter to 39 guys who messaged Fee within six hours of the profile being up on the site.Frankly, I think e Harmony’s compatibility testing is probably smarter and more relationship-based than Ok Cupid.

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I watched the seven minute video and while I found it entertaining, I saw two big flaws in the way Ok Cupid purports to match you based on compatibility: 1) Ok Cupid has three pillars of their algorithm – what you think, what you want your partner to think, and how important it is to you. Simply put: what you’re attracted to and who you’re compatible with are two very different people. Irrelevant = 0 A little important = 1 Somewhat important = 10 Very important = 50 Mandatory = 250 A little important is BARELY scored higher than irrelevant.It removed text from users’ profiles, hid people’s photos, and even told some users they were exceptionally good for each other when in fact they were in fact an awful match - only telling the truth after they had exchanged messages.

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