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Choosing this button deactivates (or activates) the In-Place Records Management feature on the site collection. Deactivate button for the In-Place Records Management feature The following code activates or deactivates the In-Place Records Management feature on the site collection.

The Disable In Place Records Management Feature and Enable Site For In Place Records Management methods are part of the App Model Extensions\Records Management file in the Office Dev Pn P. Note The code in this article is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including any implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or non-infringement. Core includes extension methods to get and set all site-scoped in-place records management settings.

This is how you do it when you configure your Share Point fields in the browser.

But if you provision your Share Point artifacts in code, you can use the new Field attribute Custom Formatter to specify your custom formatting: Important to know is that, when a field is deployed this way, the Custom Formatter will only be applied in the modern list view; it will not be applied when the list is in classic view.

You can also activate or deactivate the In-Place Records Management feature on your site collection.

You can use Scenario 2 to build a UI to control the records management settings on lists.

The following code from the Enable Site For In Place Records Management method shows how to use these extension methods to set restrictions, and specify who can declare or undeclare records on your site.

Now, let’s talk on the subject of Synchronous events, all Synchronous events occur before the event, which stop the code to execute.The UI in this app is similar to the UI found in Records declaration settings in the library settings on your list. Record declaration settings on a list Scenario 1 addresses in-place records management features and settings for sites.The app UI includes a Deactivate (or Activate) button, as shown in Figure 5.All Synchronous events end with ‘ing’ letters like Site Deleting, Field Adding, Item Adding etc.

SPWeb Event Receiver Asynchronous Events Share Point Foundation 2010 New Events Microsoft added several new events to Share Point Foundation 2010 on Site, List and Item level.

Do know that there is a difference between Column Formatting and the Field Customizer extension of the Share Point Framework: When you create a site columns or a field on a list or library, you can specify your custom format in the Column Formatting section of the Field settings page.

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