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He also tends to hold grudges toward pirates who have escaped him. He merely shoves him into the ground and prepares to go after Luffy, who is his primary target.

He wore a pair of simple black pants and a pair of simple black boots.Smoker's perception on justice also allows the Straw Hat Pirates to remain at liberty despite being pirates during the Alabasta Incident.He let Luffy go after he found out that Zoro was ordered by Luffy to save him from drowning.Smoker has the tendency to not adhere to the standard idea of justice but rather lives up to his own code of justice.

The unique aspect about the encounter between him and Luffy is that this is the first time Luffy actively flees as opposed to fighting.

He is also wearing sunglasses and has a scar that extends from his forehead to his right eye and tapers off to the side of his face.