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22-Dec-2017 10:54

It is evocative, contemplative, melancholy and simultaneously joyous.

It’s that one Golden Moment that you know cannot last but desperately wish it would. Anise is most dominant in the beginning but dries down to hyacinth and violets with the noticeable Guerlainade. For me, the edt version is a little more wearable daily, but the lush fullness of the edp is not to be missed. This fragrance is a beautiful example of fragrant synergy. When first applied, L'HB offers a muted palette of almondine florals and damp soil after a rain shower that hasn't quite yet moved on.

As I am still wearing a version produced in 2014, has anyone noticed a difference in the most recent versions?

Next, I will invest in the pure perfume as I love this gem so much...

Initially this smells so particularly reminiscent of something I have smelled in Japan… I keep thinking of Catherine Denuve who wore this as a signature scent during the filming of one of her movies, wish I knew which one. I found myself remembering it and smelling it, even when I wasn't wearing it. I find it very comforting, and thankfully (for me) not melancholy. A few weeks ago, I was surprised to see a bottle of EDP sold for £49...L'Heure Bleue or 'the bluish hour' was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1912.