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Use the up/down buttons on the remote to step through 10 levels of intensity, or press and hold the up button to soar to max right away.Use the left/right buttons to go backward or forward through the modes.Our products are given as the ultimate intimate gift throughout the year: Christmas, Valentine's, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, prior to romantic vacations, to make-up or just to please one's partner (and oneself! Daydreaming to the hum of his car tires on the asphalt during a long road trip, inventor Bruce Murison wondered why there wasn't a massager that could just slide in between a couple while they made love.That started a journey of another type for Bruce and his wife, Melody.Many years and thousands of design iterations later, the patented, silicone-encased, worn while making love We-Vibe was born.Since then, We-Vibe products have taken the world by storm.

All We-Vibe products are designed and made to the highest quality standards and enjoy one of the lowest defect return rates in the industry.

We replace all defective items within the warranty period with proof of purchase.

Please see our Warranty page for details.: To turn your Sync on, press and release the control button — the small, raised button on top of the clitoral stimulator.

To remove or delete lover click “Remove Lover” button under settings.

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When this is done, a new partner pairing link has to be sent out for the partners to reestablish their connection.We-Vibe products are enjoyed by millions of couples, from all walks of life and aged from 18 to over 80 years old.