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According to Michael, he picked up Kim at home around midnight on September 29 and drove her to a nearby motel, as instructed by Jacob.On the way, Kim told him that she and Jacob were in love and he was finding her a new place to live.Meet the Parents Teri Polo was born in Dover, Delaware, to Jane (Gentry) and Vincent Polo, a stereo systems designer.Her ancestry includes Italian (from her paternal grandfather), German, and English. Polo studied ballet for twelve years and was a dancer for the Delaware ..."When he didn't pick up, I left a voice mail explaining what had happened," she recalls."Then I sent him a few text messages, knowing he always has his cell. It was so unlike him." The next day, Heather still hadn't reached Jacob, so she drove to his house. ''' After a few awkward minutes, Jacob gave Heather a quick hug and kiss, then shut the door in her face.When they got to the motel, Jacob had already checked in.They went up to the room, and Michael watched while Kim and Jacob had sex. Kim showered afterward, and when she emerged from the bathroom, Jacob suddenly grabbed her, threw her onto the bed, and tried to smother her with a pillow. Jacob put his hand over her nose and mouth, and then planted one knee on her throat and the other on her forehead.

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The Lion the Fox and the Beasts Ike Flitcraft was born on May 24, 1993 in Dover, Delaware, USA as William Isaac Flitcraft.

"When he came to the door, I was like 'Didn't you get my messages? "I was shocked and hurt, but at the time, I assumed he was being so cold because he'd disliked Kim so much," she says.

"He hated her to the point where he refused to come to my house when she was there." Exactly how Jacob felt about Kim would become a confusing aspect of the case. "He'd gotten his pilot's license at 16, and he desperately wanted to be a fighter pilot," says Heather, "but he couldn't make the cut because of his bad eyesight.

Investigators hadn't contacted her personally—they were still piecing together the evidence—so Heather obsessively watched local news updates and checked the stations' web sites, hoping for some explanation. "I wanted to discuss Kim, but Jacob said he couldn't," says Heather.

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A few days later, there was a breakthrough: Police had security-camera footage of an unidentified suspect buying the chain that was used to bind Kim's legs. "I just knew from the way he pulled out his wallet, the way he walked." Heather immediately sent Jacob an e-mail: "Please tell me it's not you. A friend of Jacob's had seen the same footage and called police to identify him. Her protests seemed to satisfy investigators for the time being. "He'd hired a lawyer, who told him not to talk to anyone about her—not even me. He shot himself." Upon hearing those words, Heather dropped to the floor, screaming and crying.Kim knew that and taunted him by calling him Four Eyes whenever she saw him.

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