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The authors suggest that this online neglect due to their unpopular names mirrors lifelong social neglect, which is also responsible for making Kevins smoke more, get less education, and have lower self-esteem.That all sounds quite dire, but we’re gonna have to bust out the “correlation does not imply causation” card here.Young German Kevins are a few decades behind the U. Sucks to be you.” According to a study of interactions on the German dating site e Darling, online daters don’t even bother to click on the profiles of users with names that seem foreign and gauche to German ears, like Kevin. Another day, another crazy German noun: Kevinismus, which basically means, “You’re named Kevin?

Sometimes, a couple has supernatural strength, or are just really rough (or, for that matter, really large and heavy).

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While the paper claims to have controlled for economic class, self-reported income on online-dating profiles is, well, notoriously unreliable.

It also uses a person’s own income rather than parental income, which is a better indicator of the socioeconomic class someone grew up in.For example, Jean Baptiste Pont du Sable, who founded Chicago was a Creole.

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