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Sexy enough, but his demented love letters to New York ("On Avenue B, someone cruised him one night/he took him in an alley and then pulled a knife/And thought of his father, as he cut his windpipe/and finally danced to the rock minuet") had already conferred rock sainthood.

— Back in 2001, before the internet's ubiquity had demolished music's international boundaries, there were still some bands you plain wouldn't hear about outside your country of origin.

Here are forty dudes who epitomize both aspects of rock and roll.

Squeeze into (or out of) your leather pants and get to reading.

— that speaks directly to the sexual allure of the rocker. Sometimes, we want those tingling feelings we get from some singer freaking us out with his grim poetry.

A grungy dude startles a rich blonde lady and asks, "Do I scare you? Nick Cave writes scary songs about murder and God and trudging through blizzards to find your true love already dead, but they're not crazy-sexy of their own accord.

— A quick reminder: "ludicrous" sometimes means "unsexy," but often it's quite the opposite.

So, yes, Glenn Danzig is ludicrous (believes in werewolves, spends a lot of time getting jacked, closely associated with a questionable hairstyle, etc.).

After trying contact lenses (imagine the comfort of a 1950s pair), he decided to go with the bespectacled look — he had a bold, horn-rimmed pair made especially for him. And John Lennon once wrote, "He made it okay to wear glasses.It's his voice, his oil-black stare, and the way he pounds on those piano keys.

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