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Update and Drop commands will mess with other tables if they are not related to the current project that is using Doctrine. This drops all the tables that are currently used by your metadata model.When you are changing your metadata a lot during development you might want to drop the complete database instead of only the tables of the current model to clean up with orphaned tables. It is a little helper and does not support all the mapping edge cases very well.If you are however putting much more logic on the entities you should refrain from using the entity-generator and code your entities manually.Note Even if you specified Inheritance options in your XML or YAML Mapping files the generator cannot generate the base and child classes for you correctly, because it doesn’t know which class is supposed to extend which.

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You can set a number of environment variables that override certain settings.The global command allows you to run other commands like as if you were running them from the COMPOSER_HOME directory.This is merely a helper to manage a project stored in a central location that can hold CLI tools or Composer plugins that you want to have available everywhere.This can be used to install CLI utilities globally.

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Here is an example: php show monolog/monolog name : monolog/monolog versions : master-dev, 1.0.2, 1.0.1, 1.0.0, 1.0.0-RC1 type : library names : monolog/monolog source : [git] dist : [zip] 3d4e60d0cbc4b888fe5ad223d77964428b1978da license : MIT autoload psr-0 Monolog : src/ requires php php depends psr/log -t psr/log 1.0.0 Common interface for logging libraries |- aboutyou/app-sdk 2.6.11 (requires psr/log 1.0.*) | `- __root__ (requires aboutyou/app-sdk ^2.6) |- monolog/monolog 1.17.2 (requires psr/log ~1.0) | `- laravel/framework v5.2.16 (requires monolog/monolog ~1.11) | `- __root__ (requires laravel/framework ^5.2) `- symfony/symfony v3.0.2 (requires psr/log ~1.0) `- __root__ (requires symfony/symfony ^3.0) command tells you which packages are blocking a given package from being installed.

objects as needed, and following the spec from the config. It also disables automatic clearing of sudo sessions, so you should really only set this if you use Composer as super user at all times like in docker containers.