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over my knee for a good spanking in and out of his shorts, and may be even over the horse in the gym for a good fuck; Jesus, why ever did I go into retailing as opposed to teaching?! Not that either of them would be left on the shelves for long as some seedy old queen would pick them up; probably that pervy old scout-master who is forever chatting up Rowan, our backdoor and warehouseman (or should I say "bareback the bare arseman", given that he is one of us); pity Rowan is such a "Muscle Mary" with all the unloading of lorries, pulling/pushing roll-cages of stock and manual handling of goods he has to do, as I do like my boys to look like boys ... Two other reasons to give the boy what I've been quietly craving to give him since, unknown to him, I once looked through my bedroom window on one occasion to see him getting changed, as his bedroom is opposite mine. Believe me, dear reader, if you haven't spanked a pretty boy's arse, you have no idea how quickly one can become addicted to doing so; little wonder that Jeff Sterne returns to spank many of his endearing little charges time and time again!Most of the shelf-fillers I manage at Tesco's five nights a week to pay my bloody mortgage are either desperate housewives or middle-aged men who are as "appealing" as the women are themselves, although there is one Polish lad who is rather cute and who I shall have to figure out some excuse to spank; perhaps I could claim his presentation isn't up to scratch or, following the recent thefts in-store, I could claim I need to search him and give him a very thorough body and cavity search – rather than an impersonal rub-down search – in my office, followed by a taste of my belt after I've probed between the cheeks of his arse and inside his rectum, before I allow him to get dressed. i.e., slim and smooth – like Mahoney – not muscular butch types who could quite easily pass off as lesbians if they drank pints and wore leather!!! That was the only time – until this evening – I had seen his arse and his cock, but after tonight I think I will make a point of seeing both a bit more often!!! "A good spanking is supposed to hurt" I continued, again punctuating each word with a further slap across his clothed buttocks, as I held his right arm against the small of his back. "Too bloody right it won't, or you will be back over my knee before your feet touch the ground, let alone kick that bloody ball of your's" I told him, quietly hoping of course that it would happen again ... I really will have to remember to buy myself a riding crop for attacking Mahoney's arse-crack and butt-hole, as the strap of my belt is rather too wide, even when I get the boy to pull his arse-cheeks apart for me!Fucking him may be a bit risky as he's only just turned sixteen, lest he label me a paedophile – even though his Dad (whoever he is) doesn't live with him, and the boy obviously needs a paternal figure in his life to nurture him in the ways of the flesh, sorry world – but I may be tempted to cane him.It would, after all, be negligent of me were I not to apply the law of symmetry and render six of the best to his arse after also giving him six across the palms of his hands, and ascertain whether he is still a virgin by how he responds to having his butt-hole puckered with the tip of the cane in-between strokes! How could such a pretty young thing pollute itself by sounding like a scally!Too much muscle on a pretty boy is almost as sinful as putting him in long trousers and allowing the insufferable little bitch to grow hair on his balls before his time!!! "Mind your language or I shall have to teach you to control your tongue" I told him. His use of the F-word and the C-word – the latter in particular, as I only ever use that when I really am livid to describe someone I detest – was surely enough to warrant making him suck the marrow from my bone in due course, although I still felt anxious at the thought of ordering him to; being gay is one thing, being regarded – and probably denounced – as a paedophile (something I'm not) is another! "Use the F-word again lad and I may just show you its other meaning"! Moreover, from my experience of receiving it, a riding crop stings much more than a belt and leaves angrier looking welts! Feeling famished at the thought of tonguing his upper body, I roughly pushed his head down towards the floor in an unsuccessful attempt to drive the hunger pains from inside me and continued to hand-spank him across for a further five minutes."You will be sorry lad" I told Mahoney, "I think you need to be taught a lesson, don't you"?! Mahoney didn't say anything but hung his head in shame as I sat on the sofa behind me. I continued to spank the seat of his rags, alternating between each cheek, hard enough for the pain to penetrate through the light denim material and anything he was wearing underneath. The harder I spanked him, the more Mahoney begged me to stop, but I didn't let up. I gently rubbed his baby bubble-butt for a few minutes before raising my hand high above my head and bringing it down with an almighty smack against his bare arse.

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"Indeed I do Young Man; you had better step inside as we don't want the whole world knowing our business do we?!"Take your hands out of your pockets lad" I ordered. That's better I thought to myself; I shall enjoy caning the palms of your hands later too boy, just as severely as my old Housemaster at school caned the palms of any boy he caught with his hands inside his trouser pockets!"Speak up lad; don't tell me you've lost your tongue between your place and mine, as you may need that later"! if I could pluck up enough courage to order him to suck my cock!I had it all worked out: I would spank him first – across those hideous cut-offs to begin with, then across his underwear, and finally bare-arsed – then I would make him strip (everything off) and soundly slipper him to make him hollow like a baby and kick his legs around as though he was having an epileptic fit; I would pause, tell him to settle down or I would give him something to cry about whilst I gently rubbed his butt and puckered his butt-hole just like Jeff Sterne likes to do with his boys on his spanking videos, before slippering him harder than ever, so he is unable to control his crying and involuntary kicking, to warrant me saying to him "I think you need to learn to control your tongue: which is it to be – my cock or my belt?

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In other words, are you going to suck the former or be strapped with the latter"?I ignored Mahoney's yelps and protestations that he was "too old for this" and continued to spank him as my cock stirred inside my boxer shorts and probably felt as trapped inside my underwear as Mahoney's did trapped inside his, as his cock stiffened and rubbed against my lap. "Please let me keep it on; I told him I'd never take it off" protested the boy. "For all your claims that you're not, it does appear you enjoy me spanking your arse Mahoney if this is anything to go by" I said, flicking his erect number with my hand, and slapping him hard across the back of the head. He didn't answer; he didn't have to answer; his eyes were as red from crying and his face was as red from being humiliated as his arse was from being spanked as I clasped my hand round the back of his neck and roughly moved him out into the hallway of my flat and pushed his nose towards the airing cupboard door. "That's better; you will remain in that position for twenty minutes or so to give your arse a chance to cool down and then I'm going to slipper you" I told him, "speak or move in the meantime and you will get additional punishment; understood"?! I still couldn't believe my luck and was half-tempted to jack myself off to relieve the bursting sensation in my own cock but decided against it, lest I felt sufficiently bold to order the boy to blow me after I had finished spanking him.