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Residential accommodation and a lively social scene ensure that students benefit from a ‘home away from home’.

The facilities include a commercially-run nursery and plant centre, organic vegetable unit and glass houses.

Most of the 400 HE courses are based at the Leamington Campus, although land-based courses take place at Moreton Morrell and Pershore for the use of the specialist facilities.

HE students enjoy good sports provision at Henley-in-Arden.

The Henley-in-Arden campus has period buildings with modern facilities, and is set in 27 acres of beautiful grounds: there is even a commercially run spa.

The village itself is traditional, so expect pubs and small shops.

In 1996, both establishments merged to become Warwickshire College.

In 2003 three further sites were acquired: the newly built £11m Trident Centre in Warwick, the Henley-in-Arden Centre (previously a private school) and the Rugby campus (the result of a merger between Warwickshire College and Rugby College in 2003).

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A star’s “score” is affected by how dominant they were, over how long.

A deliberately insane undertaking, conceived to generate opinion, sales, web traffic and whatnot.

The more you think about the idea of ranking the top sportspeople, across all disciplines and all time, the more bonkers it becomes.

The brightest and best on this list are known and loved by people who don’t even follow sport that much.

By default, we picked no one in action before 1900: if anyone wants to suggest a couple of ancient Greek wrestlers, go ahead, but properly organised sport on a wide scale is a modern luxury. But it did make a lot of people very agitated, both in the office and outside, as people defended their pet sports.