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15-Apr-2018 17:05

What IS the difference between a debit and credit card? , isn’t exactly someone we’d turn to for inspirational parenting.But she recently said something on a television special that caught our attention.Speaking of her two 13-year-old daughters, she tells the camera: “I got those girls cell phones and i Pads so that I could take them away.”Gosselin makes the move sound especially manipulative, but in fact taking away “screen time,” or access to electronic devices, has become a parent’s go-to consequence for unacceptable behavior at practically every age, from toddlers to teens.

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Agnes High School lives a few blocks from the fairgrounds, and his Converse sneakers can get him to the gates in fewer than 10 minutes.

“But with a lot of my friends, if their phone is getting taken away that means it’s also getting searched.” When asked how her friends respond to these searches, she said they feel as if their parents think they’re “untrustworthy,” and in turn, they don’t trust their parents.