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Has anyone mentioned that "retards" is a pretty rude term you use? You know what you want you, I believe, and you and going obout it really well why keeping to your roots. I am originally from Nigeri and I know what you may have gine through.

There must be a better way to answer whatever question was asked of you than to use that term. Women who sound like they "know it all" are sometimes referred to as bitches, but what the hell, sometimes we need/have to be like that to make ourselves heard! I am doing great on my side, more on thetechnology side of things. leader=aninye nd keep in touch, if your schedule permits.

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I was gonna move down to Florida to meet you, the weather is better than over here in pittsburgh plus I could meet Uzo. single and currently working for SPDC (shell) warri. I can get food from food banks, but no one has money for rent right now. Uzo is a gorgeous smart woman who does not need to degrade herself by posing for playboy unless she is bored and feels like doing so. IF you have what it takes, you are degrading yourself by having a low enough opinion of yourself to believe that you are not worth anything if you show off your god given beauty to the world.

I am just inviting you to come a little closer to God! It would be good if you could be using Jesus or God's name not only in Exclaimation but when you truly believe in them. Your sister, Taiwo [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] POD -- Kathy, 10/28/02 Mon I was looking for the POD room on aol. Myself and 3 other promote for clubs, parties, and I also DJ. I would like to know if you would be interested in getting together sometime.

God loves you and you are a very wonderful person from the look of things. well check out our site and let me know what you think and if i may use a picture. Please email me either way as I have been procrastinating this message as I figured you receive thousands of these mails.

But you are caught in this,you LIVE off this decadence and you will call it success,but it is slavery to the industry of DECADENCE.

You cannot sell your music and clothes to the poor or the medium classes who earn their daily bread working hard and dirty to be able to afford YOUR kind of people their golden taps in their mansions,their fortresses of VANITY....

Look at how graceful she dresses but at the same time sensual and sort of still shows what a fabulous body she has. I'm sick of you men wanting us women to take it all off. Uzo, I can't wait for your album to come out; i will be the 1st in line to buy it. [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] WTF UZO -- Prej, 01/23/03 Thu Ha, Uzo. Besides, when did u get married, to whom and why did I not hear about it? [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Looks like you are doing well...

Our approach to understanding this dynamic colored stone center was to work with Indian trade organizations and industry leaders ahead of the trip to select as many companies as we could cover in the required time period and complete case studies on each one.… continue reading »

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Matt Roloff, it was a great pleasure getting to meet and spend time with [you], hope to see you guys back soon! Bodden confirmed in a call to Radar that Roloff and Chandler, 49, joined him for a journey on Cleve’s Tours and Adventures. Though he referred to Roloff’s “crew” in his Facebook comment, Bodden revealed that the reality stars were not filming scenes for the upcoming season of their TLC reality show, which premieres on May 2.… continue reading »

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