Updating builder grade kitchen cabinets

10-Apr-2018 22:47

The drawers I propped up on an old piece of moulding.

Since this was my first time using a sander, I started with the back sides first to perfect my technique.

Step 5: Prepping, Priming, Painting the Inside Boxes For the boxes inside, I followed the same prep and priming steps.

I love working on this blog, posting pictures, writing articles and basically fluffing everything up to make it pretty.

And rental homes/cabinets get beat up, but it shows less with wood than paint, she knows this from LOTS of experience.

AND we only had 4 weeks to finish our entire house, there technically wasn’t time anyway.

Follow the drying instructions on the stain before applying polyurethane to the boards.

Spray(or brush) with Polyurethane and allow them to dry.

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