Updating net compact framework

04-Jun-2018 03:22

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Piwik is a free web analytics tool that provides you with detailed reports on your website's visitors, your marketing campaigns and much more.

Piwik is an open source alternative to Google Analytics, available in 45 languages, and has been downloaded more than 1 million times!

It also provides a robust interactive model for mouse and touch interactions.

Primer is the CSS toolkit that powers Git Hub's front-end design.

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And unlike monolithic frameworks like or Angular that dictate how you structure your apps, GSAP simply owns the animation layer; sprinkle it wherever you want. There's a j Query plugin that hijacks the native j Query.animate() method so that animations perform much better and additional properties can be tweened, like colors, transforms (2D and 3D), box Shadow, border Radius, clip, and lots more.

Provides 32 options to customize checkboxes and radio buttons, 11 callbacks to handle changes, 9 methods to make changes programmatically.