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NZSTA, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, supports boards and returning officers through the election process.This includes both the triennial and staggered (mid-term) elections.Read the complete post for info Many cases of Voter ID card fraud have been reported in the country.It is difficult to find out such bogus voters and eliminate the details from the voter’s database.You should also complete an Appendix 2 - Change in Membership of Board of Trustees (previously called Appendix F).This online form is to be completed for every new trustee that takes office following any parent, staff or student election; any parent, staff or student by-election, any selection to a casual vacancy of a parent trustee, any co-option, and when there is a change in principal or chair.

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This country, situated in the Central Africa Sub-region, implemented biometric voter registration (BVR) between 20. However, this period of political pluralism was short-lived as in 1966, Ahmadou Ahidjo, then president of the young republic, convinced the leaders of authorized political parties to join him to form a single political party, the Cameroon National Union (CNU), in the interest of nation building.Returning officers need to register to gain access to certain information on the returning officers’ web pages and to update school election information.