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According to the article, she has given hundreds of ionic foot baths since her facility opened in March 2006.

The excerpts said: “.” Proponents claim the detox baths enhance the immune system, relieve pain and joint stiffness, regulate sleep, remove heavy metals, improve organ function and assist in recovery time from illness.

“.” That excerpt actually stopped us mid-sentence and we burst out laughing.

Isn’t it fairly safe to assume — and even probable — that the restored feeling of well-being Hayley felt was the result of eliminating wheat, dairy and sugar from her diet, and had less to do with foot baths? The ionic foot bath has been criticized by some for being a hoax. Sairwaa Prevost — a board-certified internist who is on staff at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., and has her own medical spa there as well – said the science behind the ionic foot baths makes sense.

Hayley Riccio, 17, of Palm Springs has been on a regular program of foot baths for the past six weeks.

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Don’t get suckered into buying or paying for a session in an ionic detoxification foot bath!There are a great many websites which claim this method of detox helps (or even outright cures) everything from parasites and worms to AIDS, Herpes, and Cancer. What we find is a single informative article or treatise, no clinical tests or trials, from a reputable source or authority which demonstrates, proves, or even suggests a benefit from an Ion / Foot Detox Bath, other than the general feeling of well-being which comes from soaking the feet in hot water.In a January 2008 article appearing in the Poughkeepsie Journal (archive link no longer available), we learned about Nina Venturella, CEO and Founder of Spa-Tacular Health in Palm Desert, California.We continue to receive inquiries from those still looking for the original Spa Cast Scam or Science blog post, and asking if our position has changed. Here is our original response to the question — are iconic foot baths scam or science?

A Reader asks us: “” Name, City Withheld — February 4, 2008 The benefits of an Ionic foot bath are hotly contested by many organizations within the scientific, medical, aesthetic and alternative health care communities.We vividly recall the most alarming comment in the “pro column” came from a women who claimed she was sold on the positive benefits when she could see live maggots wriggling in her foot bath, supposedly extracted from the pores of her feet.

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