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20-Aug-2017 09:27

But, the girls explain in a Q&A on Olivia's You Tube channel, where she also posts makeup tutorials, "It's not like a thing where we're like: Ok. Lori Loughlin couldn’t be happier that her TV husband John Stamos just got engaged in real life!It's more along the lines of Paul Lynch's Bullies really.It could almost be considered a thriller, but there's just enough cheese on the surface to keep it from being too scary. The great, young cast is fun to watch, including Eric Stoltz (Killing Zoe) and James Spader (Wolf), who is hilarious and evil at the same time as the crazy redneck, Dutra.They just didn't want to be my friends anymore.'The experience, she said, left her confused and wondering why people didn't 'like' her even though she wanted to fit in. " 'A few months after creating her You Tube channel, Olivia started gaining followers, and the backlash continued.'When I started to gain my followers, I started to lose my friends,' she said. Not really.'She couldn't quite pinpoint the reason for those changes, and wondered in her video if they stemmed from jealousy or if her friends thought that she had changed.Olivia, the daughter of Loughlin, who played Becky on Full House, and of fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, struggled to make decisions about her videos, while other teenagers started bullying her on social occasions.'There were times when I put all my videos on private, when boys and girls at parties would blast my videos in front of me,' she recounted. That is when Olivia got close to her current boyfriend, Tyler Greenwald, and was relieved to feel loved and to witness someone else being proud of her.

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“This girl I’m dating she loves this song, ‘Disney Girls,’ ” the actor said. I thought I could get away with [it] but people were tweeting, ‘Who are you Face Timing?! You don’t get that with every guy.” “They say if you can do a film together, you can do anything together,” she joked.

On Sunday, Stamos announced his engagement to his girlfriend of nearly two years, Caitlin Mc Hugh, in an adorable Instagram post that he also shared on Twitter. …And we lived happily ever after,” the 54-year-old wrote alongside a cartoon version of him and Mc Hugh, 31, sharing a loving embrace in front of a Disneyland castle.

Stamos proposed to Mc Hugh at Disneyland, Stamos’ rep said in a statement to PEOPLE.

Before Olivia started her You Tube channel three years ago, she had a 'really close' group of friends, which she believed was indestructible.'I thought nothing could ever change, nothing could ever happen, they were going to stick by my side forever,' she said.

'And the second I started my channel and it started to get out there and whatnot, those friends really left.Stamos also added in his recent interview with Huffington Post Live that he meant 'no disrespect to her family and her husband now,' as Loughlin has been married to designer Mossimo Giannulli since 1997 and the couple have two daughters.