Why is dating so complicated

14-Jun-2017 04:21

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We don’t need to play the role of judge on every date, or question our ability to attract the opposite sex. We can do this, as we lean into God for wisdom and grace.We might get married or we might not, but Christ just might use those experiences along the way to shape us and help us look more like Him.That task belongs to Christ as He works in our lives.Let’s free ourselves of the notion that there is roadmap to relational success we must follow.Maybe it’s time we ditch the dating rules and embrace the freedom that comes from knowing that we were made for this.Relationships are part of our very nature, no instruction manual needed.

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You don't have to be dating in midlife to know that dating in your 20s was a whole lot easier and more fun.

Lots and lots of people their own age are not only physically fit, but they are at the peak of physical fitness with full heads of hair, flat washboard abs and very white teeth.

Few of us in middle age would consider ourselves to be head-turners, except for the narcissists among us.

There is no shortage of advice coming from well-meaning authors, bloggers, pastors, teachers and “dating experts.” There is constantly a new blogpost, podcast, sermon series or book for us to pick up to learn the keys to “biblical” dating and start doing things the right way.

Some days, being a single Christian can be exhausting.Since Adam and Eve caught their first glimpse of one another in the garden, humans have been figuring out what it means for two to become one.