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12-Feb-2018 09:12

Therefore, anyone found to be using their own bot in our chatroom will be immediately asked to disable it, leave the chatroom, or face being banned from use of the chatroom entirely.

No Personal Attacks A personal attack is an attack on an individual chatroom member, a live host, guest or producer.

Arguing religious belief systems is pointless in our chatroom because this station is not religious in nature.

If a live broadcast is discussing religion, exceptions are made to this rule.

Spam also includes posting random (not the same over and over) links into the chatroom to advertise a product or web site that is unrelated to the topic discussed on the air, or being discussed in the chatroom.

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No Spamming or Adult Content Spamming in the chatroom includes posting the same message again and again, or posting the available emoticons over and over.Keeping a log for your own personal use can not be stopped, but any user who uses a captured log or screenshot - through any form of communication - without the consent of the station owner, will be removed from the chatroom perminantly.Summary That is all of the regulations that we have for chat.This helps the producers/hosts monitoring the chatroom to identify questions.

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Nick Registration Nickname registration in our chatroom is not required, but is highly recommended.Registering a nickname in chat means that no one else will be able to use it and, if you intend to frequent the chatroom, is helpful when interacting with fellow members.

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